The Secret to Achieving More Ease and Flow in Life

Have you got an internal GPS that works for you? Discover what your core values are and how to live in line with them so you can feel more freedom, ease and joy in your life. Dive into our free workshop now.

Do you know what's important to you? 
Could you list what you value most in life?

Perhaps you're feeling a bit stuck in life right now - stuck in a spiral of indecision, dissatisfaction, unsure of your purpose, feeling a bit 'blah' and empty.

Understanding our core values is kinda like having an internal GPS that can help us live according to our 'true north' - it gives us a framework for making decisions and setting goals, helps us to find clarity in our purpose, and gives us a sense of satisfaction that we're heading in the direction that feels true for us.

When we know our core values and are living in line with them, it gives us more strength and resilience to face challenges and unlocks a new level of ease and flow in our life. And we could all do with more of that, right?

Ready to get unstuck?

Jump into this short workshop to discover your core values and get your internal GPS working for you.

If you'd like to tap back into your values SO that you can understand yourself better, break through the resistance and stuck feelings, and experience life differently, sign up to get access to a workshop where I'll guide you through my simple process to discover your top five core values.

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(Warning: after doing this workshop, you may find yourself living with more joy and ease!)

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What's waiting for you inside the Core Values workshop?

What we'll cover

Learn what Core Values are and where they come from. Step through a simple process to identify your core values. Then you can utilise the audit exercises to discover whether you're living in alignment with your values.

What you'll find

We make this super simple for you to get clear on your values. Inside the workshop, you can access three short videos to guide you through the process. The downloadable worksheets will help you reflect on what your values are and how they're showing up in your life.

What you'll receive

Return to the course at any time to revisit the activities - your login details will be emailed to you. You'll also have access to resources to help you to create a more values-led life and business.


I would highly recommend everyone do this workshop! 

I found this values workshop extremely helpful in narrowing down the most significant values I live and work by. I think I'd lost sight of my values and it was an “Aha!" moment when I reflected on the values I had chosen. The busyness of work and life had taken over and I realised I was out of alignment with my values. I found the process really easy and I took my time to reflect and give myself the space to understand what drives and motivates me. It has been really beneficial in understanding my values in relation to life changes, decision making and purpose. It feels really good to have this clarity. 

Meet Your Mentor

Annie Love is a Certified Life Coach, Business Mentor & Profit First Professional who absolutely loves working with incredible women to help them create more calm, more money and more freedom in their lives - and that begins with working out what's truly important to them. Understanding our values helps us gain clarity on our purpose, our goals and our vision, so it's a great place to start in creating the lives and businesses we dream of! 

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