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"When I first started working with Annie as my coach, I was full of fear – I was terrified of posting on social media about my business out of fear of judgement. I worried about not earning enough money each week and not being able to say no to relief teaching work.

Working with Annie has helped shift my mindset and build my confidence so that I now feel like an empowered business owner, rather than just feeling like my business is a “side hustle”.

Annie has helped me implement technology and systems in my business so things feel so much easier. For example, I now have an online client booking system, we’ve setup email marketing and I can even maintain my own website.

With Annie’s support, I have faced my greatest fears and let go of the beliefs that were holding me back. Things that I once found so terrifying are now done with ease and confidence. My self-worth and belief in what I have to offer the world has grown exponentially in the time we have worked together.”



“I had taken long service leave and was wanting to take time for myself – to reflect on my habits and make the most of this precious time. I was also thinking about starting a business. Before we had our first session, I was nervous but I also quickly felt trust and calm. I realised that there was no judgement and I liked the calmness of the session.

I LOVED the homework … it was a really good time for me - just that little bit of pressure to do it … I had lots of aha moments doing this work. After working with Annie, I have been more open to others and less defensive, and I love standing confidently in my own power! I really liked how she used our last session together to reflect back what she heard and noticed throughout the sessions - it was very healing and empowering and helped me see my change and progress.”


Before I started working with Annie, I was feeling lost and unsure of myself. I knew I wanted more for myself but was struggling to see past my roles of wife and mother and I wanted to shift the constant feeling of living in fear. I had become my own worst enemy, stuck in terrible cycles of overthinking and anxiety. I knew I needed to make a change so I said YES to coaching hoping that it would lead me back home to my true self.

I had never worked with a coach before. I expected the experience to be difficult as I would have to address issues which might be hard to talk about and focus on but I was ready for a shake up, ready to do the work, ready to change my life. By the end of our first session together, I realised I was in the right place. 

After my coaching series with Annie, I feel lighter and more open. As a result I feel like my relationships with those around me seem easier. I am connecting with others more as people seem more drawn to me. I know Annie has helped me to allow my heart to be more open to the world around me and the people in it.

I honestly loved the whole coaching experience with Annie. There were so many ways to get in touch with her, I felt that she was only ever an email or voice memo away. The whole series was so professionally run, from the website to the homework portal.

I loved the homework. It helped keep me focused between the calls. I found the exercises really helpful in gaining clarity and direction. Very easy to access. It's a really nice addition to the coaching series and something I will continue to refer to and use long after our sessions have ended.

Annie, thank you for being you, for sharing your light and inspiring me to find mine.



"Annie is so easy to chat to. She listens to your issues and guides you in the right direction. She is always honest, in a kind manner, and manages a good balance of making sure you have a plan of action without making you feel pressured to ‘get it all done’ before the next session. 

She has been able to point me towards resources that have been so important in my business and personal growth journey and helped me achieve clarity with the vision of what I want for my life, which has been invaluable. With clarity on my vision and the ‘why’ behind my business, Annie has also helped me set up marketing assets, including an email marketing system. 

I have been working with Annie for the best part of a year and I find her service to be an excellent way of keeping me on track with my businesses. I would highly recommend her!"

katie jorss

"When I first started coaching with Annie, I was in a stage of my life where I had lost my direction and vision. I was feeling snowed under and didn’t have the balance I needed to feel fulfilled.

As a busy mum of three kids, allowing myself the guilt-free time to spend on me has allowed me to create some balance and inner peace within myself and my life around me. Annie challenged my thought processes, enabled me to build on areas that I felt inadequate and lifted my spirits.

Annie, thank you for an amazing experience."


"My daughter was about to start school so I was looking for someone to motivate me, build my confidence and to set some goals. 

I had a lot of information going on in my head but I just couldn't point myself in the right direction.

I needed help to work out who I was as a woman - not just a mum - as I was about to enter a stage that meant I had freedom! 

I felt excited, nervous and apprehensive before we started coaching, however as soon as I started working with Annie, I felt comfortable straight away. Like she was a long lost friend - so personable.

Since working together, I have felt more confident in myself and loving towards me.....hubby has noticed this! Annie showed me so much warmth, kindness and empathy for all that we do and experience during motherhood. She supported me in my coaching journey, held time and space for me and gave me something to be excited about. 



"Working with Annie over the past 6 months has seen the fulfilment of my greatest aspiration: to release my first novel into the world, and step boldly into my career as a published author.

The personal growth I’ve achieved, and robust mental health I’ve been able to maintain through so many unexpected twists and turns — including a global pandemic! — is testament to Annie’s coaching skills, and her beautiful presence and influence. Meeting with Annie fortnightly was a shining highlight of my schedule — and felt like a warm hug from a wonderful and honest friend, who always had my best interests at heart, and my goals ever at the forefront of her mind.

I don’t know how many writers get to work with a life coach in their career — but now I KNOW far more should! I feel so very, very fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity. Writing can be a lonely profession at times — and yet your mind is always whirring, and full of ideas and plots and plans and voices. Coaching gave me much needed clarity and a strong sense of purpose and self-determination. When the creative mind is often, quite essentially, a messy soup of possibility — coaching gave the practical, planning side of my brain: focus, direction, steps, and accountability.

I will dearly miss being coached by Annie — and will treasure and carry with me the lessons I’ve learned into this next, most exciting phase of my life.”


"From our first session together, I felt that I had been heard, that my worries were not trivial and that I would get the strategies I needed. I was impressed with how easy Annie was to talk to and how she was able to take what we discussed and turn them into goals I wanted to work towards.

Since working together, I have noticed a change in mindset. When I feel myself slipping into old habits, I hear Annie’s voice and use one of the strategies I learnt. This will stay with me for a long time and is really powerful.

I have already tackled some big jobs I had been putting off as well as spending time doing the things I want to do with no guilt. I am feeling more confident about work and can see how to get more out of it. I have even been making time to exercise and enjoying it! I feel really positive going forward and excited about the changes I am making.”



"When I first crossed paths with Annie online, I intuitively knew I wanted to connect with her. When I had the opportunity to have a coaching session with her, I jumped at the chance to meet the woman on the other side of the podcasts that I love so much.

She named our session "Reignite" (the name of my Zoom link), and she didn't fail to deliver. Over a very easy, relaxed 90 minutes, she helped me do EXACTLY that. Annie's soulful approach and wisdom helped me move on from a place of feeling incredibly impotent in my current situation as a mama trying to build a new business. She helped me see life through a different lens and helped shed some of the weight I was unnecessarily carrying.

I would highly recommend Annie's coaching services to anyone in need of direction or affirmation. I know I am certainly looking forward to continuing my journey with her."


"When we first started working together, I was in a loop of indecision, attempting to make life-impacting decisions all at the same time and I was drowning under the (self inflicted) pressure of it all. 

After our time together, I am now speaking my truth! Standing up for what is right for me. I am listening to my inner voice and gut instinct and making decisions true to myself, my beliefs and inline with what I want to achieve.

I can't thank Annie enough for being so open and accepting. For listening judgement free, offering compassionate and realistic advice, for providing achievable goals and, most importantly, for helping to keep me accountable.

Annie's time, her words of encouragement and her kindness were much appreciated.”

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