Speaker &
Workshop Facilitator

Annie is a passionate writer, speaker and workshop facilitator around topics associated with self care, running a wholehearted and profitable business, and grief. She speaks from the heart, with authenticity and honesty.

Annie Love speaking at QCH Remembrance Ceremony
Photograph by Sarah Osborn, Frankly Photography

Annie can tailor speaking to suit your needs on topics including (but not limited to):

  • Mindfulness and self care.
  • Rediscovering your purpose and passion beyond the roles of wife and mum.
  • Navigating grief, marriage and family life.
  • Choosing joy.

She is based in Brisbane, but is available to speak within Australia and internationally. 

If you'd like to discuss a future speaking engagement, please send a message via the Contact page.

What Clients Say

In my role at Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ), I have had the privilege of working alongside Annie. Firstly, Annie shared her creative and compassionate perspective as a community representative to the CHQ Remembrance Ceremony Organising Committee. She demonstrated here a capacity to listen to, and equally, be heard within the Committee forum and contributed to the shaping of this unique annual event.

Subsequently, Annie proved herself to be a genuinely warm and honest public speaker when she shared her family’s unique story at the Ceremony, hosted to support families grieving the loss of their child.  Annie gently and skilfully spoke from her perspective and those in attendance responded to her words about loss and love.  

Unequivocally, I can attest to Annie’s capacity to provide a positive and professional contribution.

Alyson Gundry Bereavement Coordinator, Queensland Children’s Hospital, Children’s Health Queensland

We were fortunate at No More Knots Newmarket to have Annie come and share with us... our unique session was: ‘Self-Love for Lightworkers’: How do we care for ourselves in order to show up as the best possible therapists for our clients? We covered self-reflection and practical self-care tools to help us find joy and live our best lives. 

We highly recommend Annie. She is inspiring, refreshing and given the current times we felt it was such a positive to focus on what we have control of, building, goal setting and focusing on a brighter a future with her as a mentor, coach, and our own personal cheerleader. Thank you Annie!

Ingrid Murphy Team Leader, No More Knots

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