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Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

I'm so looking forward to chatting with you. In order to get to know you better and to more deeply understand what you're looking for from our session together, please fill out the following pre-coaching questionnaire. I can't wait to connect with you.

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Your birthday? (dd/mm)
Your Instagram handle (if you have one)
1. Which statement best describes the current financial situation in your business?
Early days. At the beginning of my business journey and want to get set up in the right way.
Money is coming in but seems to flow out again just as quickly and I don't have any systems in place.
Really want to get this business going but money is not flowing in.
I'm spending more than I'm earning and I'd love to be earning more from my business.
Ready to take my business to the next level but I'm not sure how.
Other - I'll tell you all about it on our call.
2. What are you loving about your life right now? 
3. What’s feeling not so great about life right now?
4. What are your super strong points?
5. What do you think needs tweaking?
6. How do you take care of you?
7. How does your inner voice/mindlessness/fear sabotage you?
8. What do you believe is holding you back from achieving what you desire?
9. Are you getting paid for doing something you love?
10. What is one big goal you have for your life or business that you'd love to get closer to?
11. Have you read the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz? (No pressure, just curious).
Sure have
Have started it
Never heard of it
12. Do you have any burning questions you'd specifically like me to answer about Profit First or your business finances? 
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