Wholehearted Business Guide

Your guide to creating three foundational systems in your business that will help you build a sustainable business alongside life and family.


What readers say about the guide

Kim Rooney Pure Presence

LOVE your guide! Journal questions are thought provoking and I have started reflecting on my current practices. Adore the addition of book list and power tunes play list. The podcast to help with overwhelm associated with mapping out ideal week is really helpful. Overall, a really thought provoking handout with excellent tips that actually make a difference.

Valeska Delivering Joy

Oh Annie, I love it! You provide enough information and actionable steps without it being too much. For me personally, I have heard and "know" most of what you have written but I am not actually doing it and how you have laid it out makes sense to me. It is encouraging me to make space to go through these steps properly.

Wholehearted Biz Guide cover

Your Wholehearted Business guide includes

Three foundational systems to setup in your business to maximise your time and space and create a rock solid CEO mindset, plus a little extra inspiration.

How to map out your calendar and make the most of your time

Steps to mapping out your ideal week, setting up your calendar and mastering your time.

How to create a meaningful work space

Steps to helping you stay focused and productive in the time you have available for your business.

How to build a CEO mindset

Journalling prompts to help you get really clear on the business you want to build and the mindset you need to be the CEO of your business.

Extra inspiration

My favourite business books, and a power tunes playlist to keep you inspired.

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