What are your core values?

1. Download and print the Core Values list (see the Resources box below)

2. Watch the video above for some more instructions.

  • When you're going through the list, start by highlighting all the values on the list that you resonate with or feel important to you, and cross out any words that don't resonate or feel irrelevant. Don't overthink this. Just quickly go through the list and circle/highlight or cross out.
  • Think about a time in your life when you felt the most happy, in flow and alignment. What values were showing up for you?
  • Think about a time when you were feeling stuck, frustrated or experiencing resistance in your life. What values were missing from your life or not being honoured?
  • Think about this statement and which words apply: "When I have _____________, I feel peace within myself and with the world around me."
  • Think about this statement and which words apply: "Without ______________, I'd be totally miserable."
  • Now go through all the words you've circled or highlighted and try to get it down to the top five most important values for you. You might find that two words you've circled are similar to each other (eg. bravery and courage) - which one feels the most right to you? Or does using one actually encompass the other? 
  • Compare each word to the others and try to prioritise between two. Eventually, you should be able to say which is your most important value, and which four are the supporting values.

*Please note: this can feel pretty hard the first time you do it! I promise it does get easier if you revisit the activity down the track. 

Optional extra: If you have your own business, do the Core Values activity again and write down what the values of your business are. Are they the same, similar or different to your personal values? How so? 

3. In your journal, write a list of all the things you love to do, all the things that make you happy. See you if you can get at least 20 things on your list! Would it make you even happier if you could write each item in coloured gel pens??  Make it pretty and let it fill you up with joy as you think of each one. Use the Happy List template below if you'd like to.


Core Values List

My Happy List

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