Oh hey. 

Thank you for clicking on the link to book in a free connection call with me. Yay - you took the first brave step! Feeling a bit nervous about making your next move and actually locking in a time? I totally get it.

You know what? About 99.9%* of my clients feel the same way when they first book a call and take the leap into coaching with me. And then after we chat, they say things like "I felt excited, nervous and apprehensive before we started coaching, however as soon as I started working with Annie, I felt comfortable straight away. Like she was a long lost friend - so personable" (thanks Tanya 😘). 

I promise you, I'm not scary. Book the first call. There will absolutely not be any pressure from me to continue any further if it doesn't feel right for both of us. I can't wait to chat with you and help you start living a life that truly lights you up. Just follow the steps in the form below to book a time.

(*probably not statistically accurate, but pretty close).

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