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Becoming a Coach: Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

I’m so excited you are considering considering becoming a life coach! In order to get to know you better and for you to tell me openly and honestly about your thoughts on becoming a coach, please fill out the following pre-coaching questionnaire. I can't wait to chat with you soon.

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Your birthday? (dd/mm)
Your Instagram handle (if you have one)
1. What stage are you at with considering becoming a life coach?
Very early days. Heard about life coaching or the BYCA course and interested in learning more.
Considering becoming a life coach but haven't decided on a course
Have been down the rabbit hole of researching coaching and courses
90% there, just waiting to make a final decision
2. What are you loving about your life right now? 
3. What’s feeling not so great about life right now?
4. What are your super strong points?
5. What about you do you think needs tweaking?
6. How do you take care of you?
7. How does your inner voice/mindlessness sabotage you?
8. What talents do you have that you are not using right now?
9. Are you getting paid for doing something you love?
10. What’s missing from your life that you can’t let go of? The thing you want to have happen or keeps tugging at your heart; wanting you to acknowledge it and give it time and love.
11. What has drawn you to considering life coaching, or to the BYCA coaching course?
12. Do you have any particular questions you'd like me to answer about becoming a coach, being a coach or the BYCA Course?
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