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Ep110_Recap on 2023

As we farewell 2023 and start easing into the new year, join me as I look back at the highlights and challenges of 2023 in this special recap episode of The Light Seekers Lounge.

In this episode, I reflect on my journey over the past year, highlighting personal and business milestones, challenges, what I'm grateful for, and the valuable lessons learned along the way, including:

  • How we have spent our time over the festive season
  • What I do to reflect on my previous 12 months
  • The three things I've found most challenging in 2023
  • Highlights, such as our new home, family achievements, surprise adventures and work opportunities
  • What I'm proud of and grateful for 
  • The biggest lesson I've learned in 2023
  • plus, an insight into the TLSL podcast stats from the year

  • Also mentioned in this episode:
    Susannah Conway: Unravel Your Year

    Profit First

    Episode 96: When a Problem Doesn't Need to Be a Problem

    Episode 100: Celebrating Milestones and How to Hold It All

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