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Ep 99 Fi Mims

Renowned as one of Australia’s leading personal brand photographers, Fi is passionate about working with female thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to help elevate their brand and amplify their message in an authentic way, inspiring others to work with them.

I'm a big believer in the power of having beautiful brand photos created, especially as a business owner. I often encourage my clients to invest in branding photography and have personally had three branding shoots, so I really wanted to bring Fi on the podcast to talk about why it's important, especially for women, to use visual branding to stand out online.

In this conversation, Fi and I discuss:

  • Fi's business evolution from wedding photographer to branding photographer and educator
  • Why Fi believes in the importance of branding photography and helping women to elevate their brand
  • Tips for finding the right branding photographer to work with and suggestions to help prepare for your first shoot
  • My personal experience of branding shoots and how often you should have a new photoshoot
  • How Fi has juggled #mumlife with raising twins, who are now 14, and how she fits in self-care

Having experienced all the struggles associated with running a small business, these days Fi is obsessed with helping other women in business show up consistently and build a powerful brand, so they can share their gifts with the world, become more visible online and build a successful business they love – one that brings them the freedom they deserve and desire. She offers mentoring and coaching through Shine, her membership community for women in biz, and her signature course Powerful Branding Bootcamp. Fi also offers in-person workshops and events that offer education on branding, marketing and mindset.

When not working Fi’s favourite pastime is hanging out with her family. She is always dreaming up her next holiday adventure, is on a mission to get through the neverending pile of books next to her bed, believes music has the power to change any mood, and will never refuse a glass of champagne.

You can find Fi online at www.fimimsphotography.com.au, as well as on Instagram @fimims and Facebook and Linked In @fimimsphotography

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