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Clare Wood Episode 97 Intentional Profit

Clare Wood is a money mentor, author, speaker and podcaster.

She’s a qualified accountant (a CPA), but she’s not your average bean counter. Clare uses proven and practical money management principles combined with powerful mindset work to support her clients to make more money. She believes everyone has ‘money stories’ that limit their ability to earn more.  And that when you transform your relationship with money, you can rapidly increase the amount of profit that you earn, so that you can create a life of financial freedom and fun.

In this conversation, Clare and I discuss:

  • How Clare's childhood influenced her decision to study accounting and her money stories around wealth
  • Clare's business evolution, how she's niched and stepped into being a 'money mentor'
  • Going from financially struggling to securing a waterfront property - the strategies Clare and her husband used to manifest their home in the dream location (even if not the dream home - yet)
  • What 'money mindset' means and how we can start changing our perspectives and stories around money and finances
  • The story of becoming an author and Clare's journey to publish and launch her book, 'Intentional Profit'
  • How Clare's car accident impacted her life and the lessons she's learned through it

Connect with Clare through her website, listen to her podcast or you can find her on Instagram @clare_wood_coach, on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also buy her new book, Intentional Profit.

Also mentioned in this episode:

Denise Duffield Thomas

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