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Episode 83 Fionnuala Doherty

Fionnuala Doherty is a life coach, reiki master, international retreat space holder and yoga teacher who supports young women to de-stress and connect to their purpose. 

As an Irish woman who has been living in Australia for more than five years, Fionnuala is well placed to support other ex-pats and she has cultivated an incredible community in Sydney through her yoga classes.  

She is passionate about helping her clients to lead a life they love. 

In this conversation, Fionn and I discussed:

  • What led her to move from Ireland to Australia, and how she went from working in recruitment to running her own yoga, reiki and life coaching business.
  • Creating a home away from home and what Fionnuala has found most supportive in ex-pat life
  • Receiving the news of her father’s sudden death only six months after leaving Ireland and how she has navigated grief. 
  • Taking the big leap into her own business and the challenges and joys of 
  • Practical self-care practises that Fionnuala always returns to 
  • Exciting events coming up for Fionn, including an international retreat and a wedding

You can connect with Fionnuala through her website Infinnite You, or on Instagram @infinniteyou.

Also mentioned in this episode:

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