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Holistic Business & Profit First Coach

Supporting wellness professionals to build consistent income with more ease and less overwhelm through strategy, mindset and profit planning.

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In The Light Seekers' Lounge, we share stories and conversations about how we find light and create our best life, even when things feel hard. 

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Feeling stuck, dissatisfied, lacking clarity and purpose? Let's get you tapped into your own internal GPS system and a framework for more ease and flow in your life. Access this short workshop to find out more.

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I utilise a combination of technical knowledge and experience, a love of systems and simplicity, gentle guidance and a little bit of woo-woo (with a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust) to help you create a business and life that you love.

As well as being a Certified Coach and Profit First Professional, I would describe myself as a Mum to all boys, wife, podcaster, creative spirit, voracious reader, introvert, and super-calm optimist. Coaching incredible humans (like you!) absolutely lights me up and brings me joy. I love to help women understand their own why and values, set up systems and build a thriving, wholehearted business that sets their soul on fire. I feel so darn lucky each and every day that I get to do it! 

Want to get your cash under control?

As a Certified Profit First Professional, I am all about helping you implement this simple and powerful system in your own business to ensure your business is profitable and sustainable for the long term - giving you and your family more freedom. Learn more about Profit First and how I can help you implement a simple cash flow strategy in your business. 

Light Seekers Lounge podcast
Listen to the Podcast

The Light Seekers' Lounge (formerly known as 'The Mummalove Podcast') is all about how we continue to seek light and find joy, even when life feels hard. In the podcast, I have raw and honest conversations with my guests about how they have navigated challenging moments in their lives and found a way to keep going and to thrive. 

What My Coaching Clients Say

With Annie’s support, I have faced my greatest fears and let go of the beliefs that were holding me back. Things that I once found so terrifying are now done with ease and confidence. My self-worth and belief in what I have to offer the world has grown exponentially in the time we have worked together.

Kim Rooney Pure Presence

After my coaching series with Annie, I feel lighter and more open. As a result I feel like my relationships with those around me seem easier. I know Annie has helped me to allow my heart to be more open to the world around me and the people in it. Annie, thank you for being you, for sharing your light and inspiring me to find mine.

Stacey Hutcheson

In my business, I learnt I didn't have to rush things or do them all at once. I am allowed to prioritise my health. I can take my time, create space and chip away. I also experienced my creative spark being reignited after laying dormant for a while. Annie Love, you are truly such a beautiful coach. I have loved every minute of our series.

Emma Dean Emma Dean, Musician & Creative Coach


Want more ease and flow in your life?

Are you stuck in a spiral of indecision and dissatisfaction? Want to tap into your own unique internal GPS system and start living a life with more ease and flow, clarity and purpose? Access this free workshop to find out what your personal core values are and how you can use them to lead a values-driven life and business.

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